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  • Rechargeable Bicycle light...

    Awhile back I picked up two Zot Cygolite bicycle lights for myself and my new lady friend's bicycle.

    I did not think much of them as a bicycle light at first...until I realized how handy this little light is.

    Also it is rechargeable...and I take my universal recharger to work with me for my cell phone as well as spare cell phone batteries. I can change out the batteries easily in my olde flip phone and thus carry spares as well as my recharger.

    What I have discovered is the usefulness of this little light as a daily back up to augment my Mag Lite and it easily fits into the pocket of my winter Carhart long sleeve shirts. It will also fit easily onto the handlebars of my scooters should the need arise.

    Here this model....which I got from a local bicycle shop across town. : Cygolite Zot– 450 Lumen Bike Light– 5 Night & 2 Daytime Modes– Sleek Durable Design– IP67 Waterproof– Sturdy Flexible Mount– USB Rechargeable Headlight– for Road & Commuter Bicycles,Black,Compact : Sports & Outdoors

    Hope some of the members find this information useful.

    Until this light I had no idea that today's bicycle lights were rechargeable.

    Reckon I need to get out more!!!

    My non ishmaelite .02

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    It appears to be a great light for your needs..

    We have a lot of flashlights. One night, I noticed a 300 lumen flashlight was brighter than a 600 lumen. WTH!! That kicked my curiosity into high gear.

    [quote]Lumens is a measurement of how much light is emitted from a light source in all directions.
    Lux measures the amount of light that falls on a surface.
    Candela is light’s intensity as visible to the human eye in a specific direction.[/quote]
    Lumens, Lux and Candela are often used to describe brightness of light. But what do they really mean? And how do they relate to each other?

    Basically Candela is a beam antenna and lumen is an omnidirectional antenna.

    The problem is everyone specifies lumens and not Lux or Candela.

    Have you been curious about the question "are lights with more lumens better?" but couldn't find the answer? This video will be a huge help! Here, KC breaks ...

    I have a similar flashlight to this:

    It can be a floodlight or a beam. IMO, the link will explain all the above a magnitude better than I did. ;)


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      I've got something similar to yours OT. along with a headlamp with rechargeable 18650 batteries that I got rid of the originals and replaced with good Panasonic ones. As to good flashlights after the new year one of this type is on my list.


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        For bicycle riding do you prefer the beam or floodlight type?


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          I thought this was an interesting subject. 65 years ago, I had a bright light on my bike for my two newspaper routes. Now here is what is interesting. The light was powered by the front tire rotation. Just imagine 1957. No batteries required.
          One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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            Originally posted by Tugaloo View Post
            For bicycle riding do you prefer the beam or floodlight type?

            I've got a flood mounted to the bars, then a beam light on my brain bucket. Where I look I illuminate where l'm looking, no matter the distance. I've tried the tire generators but with incandescent lights., too much friction/resistance. I imagine with LED tech they could be improved immensely.


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              Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post

              I've got a flood mounted to the bars, then a beam light on my brain bucket. Where I look I illuminate where l'm looking, no matter the distance. I've tried the tire generators but with incandescent lights., too much friction/resistance. I imagine with LED tech they could be improved immensely.
              True, LED technology would improve what either of us have. However, "we" just don't rate "their" attention..

              IMO, you nailed it. On my motorcycle, I have the typical 65-55 headlight and also a 70 watt tight angle low amperage draw beam. OTOH, it is great for highways; however, coming home at night, I want to see eyes on either side of the road or a wide flood is best.
              I prefer harvesting deer with a bullet and not a vehicle. LOL


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                I hear you, in one year I harvested 3 deer with my Jeep that got nicknamed "the deer hunter". All in a fairly small area near the base. The farmers dogs were well fed that year.


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                  I had a 98 green Sonoma that killed 3 deer . Right headlight and left headlight. Last, but not least, one ran out and it somehow stuck his head between the rear tire and the wheel well. I saw it spin and its neck was broken.
                  I'll raise you 2 rattlesnakes and a bat. The bat flew into the windshield; no damage and I had the batman symbol on the windshield.
                  One of the assembly techs had a deer try to jump his truck and landed in the bed dead.

                  As the road ran through the game lands hitting deer was pretty much a given.


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                    Rattlesnake all minced in a motorcycle tire, Red Tail Hawk in a duty vehicle.


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                      Went back to the bicycle store and picked up one of these...Cygolite 1200s....

                      Ranger 1200 USB | Cygolite

                      For now it is replacing my Cygollte 450 but it is significantly larger...we shall see how it works out. Definitely brighter but more expensive.

                      Raining here in Virginia....and staying home and close to the coffee pot. I'll pass on braving the Black Friday...two legged wildlife ...thank you. Not for me at all..

                      Not an Ishmaelite.


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                        With Boost, High, Medium, Low and SteadyPulse, it appears to have a lot of modes.

                        AJ, If we aren't a pair of accident magnets.. ;) However, at those moments, neither of us were happy campers.

                        Back in the 1990s, I was driving from Fayetteville, NC to the Pinehurst-Southern Pines area. A deer ran out in front of me and hit the vehicle going in the opposite direction. I turned around and the deer was dead on the hood of high end Mercedes Benz.
                        The man driving was an older guy and was totally befuddled and couldn't even speak coherently.
                        A younger woman (Playboy centerfold class) in a strapless evening gown got out. I started to asked is your and stopped because I didn't know to say father or what. She said husband. She helped me get the deer off the hood.
                        As the engine was running and the only casualties were the hood and windshield. After getting him into the passenger's seat; she drove away.

                        The latest crime is when someone usually a woman is loading packages into her car. A man walks up and says it looks as if someone hit your rear bumper. She walks back to see and another person walks up and steals her wallet etc. out of the car.


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                          That's a variation of the water bottle stuffed between the tire and arch. Makes a noise, driver steps out to investigate and the car drives off.


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                            In addition to the two different models of rechargeable flashlights..I have now received two of these rain ponchos and put them in the back of my car...they are in red...not the blue as seen in the ad.

                            There is extra material on the back of them to cover a backpack.
                            This has come in handy when riding my scooter to and fro work in the rain..

                   Equinox Extension Poncho : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

                            Also keep heavy 1/8th nylon line in the back of my car as well to tie these ponchos into a crude shelter...if need be..​

                            My non Ishmaelite .02,
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                              Great information, thanks!!

                              Have you considered a solar powered recharger for your headlights? I have a few of them.

                              They work and are inexpensive. OTOH, in a WROL world, I'd ride slow and trust my human eye night vision.
                              Also, a search for "solar charger power bank for tablets, phones andA laptops" yields a lot of choices. Those who store a lot of survival information on a laptop will find one of these will keep it charged.

                              I have military surplus ponchos in each vehicle and 550 paracord to build a rain shelter.

                              Once I got caught in a mini cloud burst on my motorcycle. As there wasn't an overpass in sight; I made a lean-to from a poncho and 550 paracord. As I was already wet, it didn't keep me dry; however, it did keep me a lot more comfortable. LOL