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  • 2 items for Naked and Afraid.

    lw 20x20 tarp, paracord hammock and machete. You can easily get fire with a big pump drill. One of you converts the hammock and tarp into clothing and shelter, while the other one makes the big pump drill. First thing, tho, is to make sandals, head-gear, shoulder-cap, breechclout, so that you dont ruin yourself the first hour of the challenge. If it's not too late in the day, make a spear and throwing stick, too, cause the trip to water might well be your best chance to forage some flesh food. (ie, snake, big lizard, small gator, coon or chuck that you can outrun, eel or big fish, etc. Get to water, make fire, have a shelter right away. Mud up to protect yourself from the bugs. There's lots of netting that can be made from the inner strands of the paracord.