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Chest Rigs

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  • Chest Rigs

    If interested, this is a good source for a wide variety of chest rigs. I know that these rigs are not a part of everyones kit, but you should seriously consider one that works for you if you any plan that involves bugging on foot. There are numerous places to purchase a chest rig, but few have the selection optactical has.
    Take a look and enjoy.:cool:

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    thanks man you can also check out
    the pack that plays together stays together


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      Hmm IIRC the owner of OP Tactical is a guy I know, if it's the company I am thinking of. I'll have to check that out.

      Isn't Opsgear tailored toward paintball and airsoft-grade gear? I do not mean to talk down on them, but it's a company name I recognize only from playing paintball, and I don't know what the quality of their tactical gear is.

      EDIT: Yes OPT is the company I was thinking of, in fact he's the one who used to do the patch that is my avatar on this forum. Although it may be run by someone else now as I see they are in NC; the guy I knew started it as a tiny little company in northern VA.
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        make sure its right for you!

        Long_hunter brings up a good piece of gear but if possible try to find a Tactical retailer where you can try out the gear. I have had opportunities to use these and although they can be retrofitted to carry various types of gear I have run into a few problems.
        1) Sometimes your AR-15 tactical sling can get tangled.
        2) Prone position can be a real pain for a long period of time.
        3) (only applies to a few of us) when you are wearing this on top of your body armor, clothes, and wearing a pack you tend to overheat.

        These things to consider aside they are a good piece of gear. Thanks for the suggestion Long_Hunter.
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