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  • Weaver pickle Fork Shooter

    Ordered a weaver PFS and here the review.

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    Have you seen this site?:


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      Bishop, that is some fine shooting! I went to the website where you got yours, and I am interested!

      Pickle Forks are something new to me, and I couldn't quite make out what you were saying about how to shoot it properly (I am a bit hearing impaired.) Now, before I go shooting my hand to bits in the future...could you please review this and let me know if this is the way to do it?

      I found this tutorial here:

      (assuming you hold the sling in the your left and ammo in the right)

      1. load the ammo in the pouch, make sure it's centered well. Grip the ammo with your thumb facing left and in between the first and 2nd knuckle. When pulling back, turn the pouch clock wise so your thumb is now facing up (this is known as soft shooting, limits power but saves your hand and slingshot)

      2. Under tension of the bands, push the tips of the forks towards your target. How much depends on the design of the PFS and what kind of bands you are using. Usually this is about 25-30 degrees from centre.

      3. When you have the ammo pulled back to your eye, or nose or however you feel is aimed correctly, roll your thumb towards the sky, not too much, but enough to tweak the pouch. When released the pouch and ammo will roll over your knuckle, sending it over the forks. You'll get a better muscle memory of how much to tweak it and with which ammo.

      I recommend shooting with REALLY light bands and stuff like gumballs, marbles or BB's to get going first, you'll build up better habits before moving onto the harder stuff like steel balls with 1745 or TBG or something. BE SURE TO WEAR SAFEY GLASSES!

      Hope that helps. Failing the word description, there are LOTS of visual tutorials on youtube on how to shoot, and even better so, from DGUI himself.
      Speaking of DGUI, I found this:

      ...and this from the above link:

      What are your thoughts on this?


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        Dugi is the man when it comes to pickle fork shooting he shoots a different style of PFS how I shoot is I have my thumb up then rotate is to the left so your thumb is faceing you and shoot.

        If you go to slingshot four or slingshot community there are a lot of people that are willing to help you out on both fourms I am ghost on both of them.


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          Originally posted by Snyper708 View Post
          Yes I am on that fourm as well I go by ghost 0311/8541 but haven't been on there in a long time I am vere active on the slingshot fourm and slingshot community.


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            Thanks for the info, Bishop. Your shooting skills are amazing.

            I wonder how to store the rubber for the long term? They eventually get brittle and sometimes gummy and sticky... Storing them in air-proof packaging helps, but does anyone know for how long? It would absolutely suck to not have a replacement...


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              You can store in a cool dry place Amber plastic bags work well


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                Thank you!