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HELP......BDU (Kind'a) trousers wanted......"But HEAVY DUTY" material.

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  • HELP......BDU (Kind'a) trousers wanted......"But HEAVY DUTY" material.

    It seems like most BDU type trousers, sell the fact that they are light weight and cool. I am looking for "Heavy Duty" BDU's. Color or camo is of zero importance. CARHARTT makes something kind'a close, but only 9.5 oz. cotton and no drawstring at the ankle. Do you have any to where I should look...??

    Prefer Double front leg and zipper fly. Button fly is a 100% deal killer.
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    I bought these last year and love them!
    Super warm. I use them for hiking. Not sure if they would translate for your purposes, however, they are cheap! Give them a try.

    Mens Outdoor Sport Pants Elastic Waist Soft Shell Warm Fleece Lining Waterproof Quick-Dry Trouser is warm, see other men pants on NewChic.
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      I have had good luck with 511 Tactical. You might check them out.
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        If it is strong clothing: look at hunting trousers made of canvas with double knees and butt coverage.


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          Don't know how important the camo part is but you might also look at the Duluth Trading firehose pants. available in a bunch of earth tone colors and sizes. I have some of their jeans and I love them, very heavy duty and so far wearing very well. I looked at these fire hose ones when I was at one of their stores in Kansas City area. they are very heavy duty and price isn't terrible think from $50-75 a pair pants.

          While I was looking up the firehose pants I see they also have a line they call Alaska Hardgear. Likely just marketing but looked like some nice stuff you might want to check out.
          Shop tough and durable Fire Hose pants, shirts and outerwear at Duluth Trading Company.
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            They just opened a store in Los'Anchorage, Alaska. I figure to stop it when I go to town for supplies in mid October. Camo is not important, freedom of movement especially climbing mountains, when all sweaty is of paramount important.
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              If you sew or can con/bribe someone into it, Green Pepper Patterns might have something you are looking for.