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REVIEW: Streamlight Military Sidewinder LED Tactical Flashlight

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  • Zombie Axe
    Nice light Diesel :)

    Sure is a step up from minimags with filters and Double D angle head flashlights :D

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  • Diesel
    Think i paid $59 for it.

    Here is the cheapest i found it for

    Applications are endless

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  • FWM
    It costs....

    Where do you see using it?


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  • REVIEW: Streamlight Military Sidewinder LED Tactical Flashlight

    This is a quick review of the Streamlight Military Sidewinder LED Tactical Flashlight.

    I was recently persuaded (persuaded myself) to pick this bad boy up.

    It offers the following light settings

    Red LED
    Green LED
    Blue LED
    And a bright White LED light

    The light has 20 Functions

    LOW, MEDIUM, & HIGH power settings for each and every color as well as STROBE, yes every color can strobe.

    It has an articulating head 185 Degrees

    Is Waterproof

    All Weather rated -40F to 150F

    Unbreakable polycarbonate Lens

    Has a Steel Spring Clip that can be relocated to each side of the light

    Runs off 2 AA Batteries

    Tethered tailcap to prevent loss

    O -ring sealed


    Run Times

    Power Level LOW: 100 HRS

    Power Level Medium:
    Green: 60 HRS
    Red: 70 HRS
    Blue: 60 HRS
    White: 36 HRS

    Power Level Medium-High:
    Green: 36 HRS
    Red: 40 HRS
    Blue: 36 HRS
    White: 14 +1 HRS

    Power Level High:
    Green: 12 +1HRS
    Red: 14 +1 HRS
    Blue: 12 +1 HRS
    White: 7 + 3 HRS

    Strobe Setting:

    Green: 24 +1 HRS
    Red: 28 +2 HRS
    Blue: 24 +2 HRS
    White: 14 +6 HRS

    NOTE: +1 or +3 means Intensity automatically shifts to low output at end of rated battery capacity to utilize maximum battery life

    Light Output

    Low 5% Intensity

    Medium 20% Intensity

    Medium-High 50% Intensity

    High 100% Intensity

    Strobe 100% Intensity

    Link to the Streamlight Sidewinder Video (they demonstrate the one with an IR LED which is an option):

    Description from their site

    Sidewinder, the most versatile military light in the world. Twenty flashlights in one! Each LED features 4 levels of output intensities: Low (5%), Medium (20%), Medium-High (50%), High (100%) plus a Strobe function (100%)

    * **** Sidewinder MOVIE – Military ****
    * One switch for On-Off, dimming and mode selection functions.
    * Pull-to-turn locking rotary color(4)selector knob with tactile indicator for easy operation with gloves
    * Double click button to initiate strobe function from "Off" position
    * Push and hold button for light output levels from "Off" position
    * Sidewinder Light Output and 2 AA Alkaline Battery Run Time
    * Also accepts 2 "AA" lithium batteries, which allow extended operation, or extreme temperatures (-40°F - 150°F)
    * Mounts to MOLLE or ACH for hands-free use
    * High-impact, super-tough nylon case
    * Battery polarity indicators for easy replacement in the dark
    * Unbreakable, gasket-sealed polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating
    * O-ring sealed for waterproof operation. Meets MIL-STD-810F, Method 512.4
    * Tethered tailcap to prevent loss
    * Cord attachment hole supports up to 25 lbs
    * Articulating 185° rotating head
    * Spring steel clip attaches to MOLLE or belt
    * Clip can be mounted on either side of the light
    * Dimensions: 4.63" High; 2.31" Wide
    * Weight: 4.96 ounces
    * Available in Coyote Tan and Green
    * US and foreign patents pending
    * One year limited warranty