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recommendations on fanny pack/waist bag

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  • recommendations on fanny pack/waist bag

    Looking for feedback/advice/recommendations on fanny packs, including military webgear. Recently I've begun walking quite a bit and need something for carrying water along with some food and basic supplies. Initially I used a day bag for the longer walks but found the weight to be a bother on my shoulders after a couple hours; this day bag doesn't have waist straps so all the weight is on my shoulders. The military style shoulder harness, padded belt and assorted molle bags seem to be my best choice to spread the weight between my shoulders and waist. There are a couple fanny packs that are set to carry water, small bag and utilize shoulder straps, but haven't seen one yet that really suits my needs. For short walks 5-7 miles I'd probably just use the belt and some carriers, but for longer walks I need a better set up. Any advice or personal experience that can be shared would be welcome. thanks.
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    lalakai: Have you tried using a slingpack? I have found them to be much more comfortable than a traditional backpack, especially for shorter walks. The Sports Authority stores in our area are going out of business, so "everything must go". I picked up an Adidas slingpack for a song, and I have been very happy with it. Dvor, who advertises on this site, also carries them. I have one that I use for a get home bag. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much it would hold. It even has a concealed compartment for a handgun.

    Wally world has some interesting set ups that include water bottles, and they are inexpensive. Those are more of the fanny pack variety. If you go to an upscale outdoors store like an REI look for a day pack. You wear them on your waist, but they have a little larger compartment for a jacket or whatever. Many will have outside pockets for water bottles. I will see if I can find brand names.
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      I have a Waterfly waist bag as a hiking bag! I love the style. It can hold my humpback water bottle comfortably. I am worried that if it does not have 2 bottles, it will ride normally, but only one will feel very comfortable.

      The package is large enough to put snacks, sunscreen, shit bags, cell phones, keys and more. I like to have multiple pockets of useful size. The shoulder straps are easy to adjust to fit your waist, and some belts bring your water bottle closer to make it more comfortable.


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        I used to use a military butt pack on a pistol belt without the shoulder straps. That worked for me for a long time. The pistol belt also held other items like a canteen, canteen cup and canteen holster. The belt also held a first aid pouch, magazine pouches and a pistol holster as well. You can mix and match items on the pistol belt without having to use shoulder straps if you like doing without them.

        By the way, the best butt pack is the nylon type. They're more waterproof than the older canvass models.
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