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Building a Food Dehydrator

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  • Building a Food Dehydrator

    another great article from Backwoods Home:

    By Charles Sanders Issue #63 • May/June, 2000 Drying of food as a means of preservation has been around for a long time. Populations in suitably dry climates all around the globe have dried meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables in times of plenty as a way to provide for the leaner months of the year. […]

    I'm not in the least bit handy, so I have a mass-produced small dehydrator from Walmart (still in the box, for shame!). I've also seen many, many websites on making a solar dehydrator out of cardboard boxes. I like this website:

    Might try out that project with the Cub Scouts come warmer weather.
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    Never thought of building one myself.....Thanks for sharing!


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      I built and am using a modified copy of the backwoods home unit and it works great. As I am a master scrounger I was able to build it with parts I had kicking a round the shop. I did have to buy the trays and the heat source that I bought here. . The fans I used came out of junk computer towers that people tossed out at the dump. Right now I have 10 lbs. of bananas drying ( big sale at the fruit stand) I dry fruit, veggies, herbs, seeds and jerky both meat and fish. Here is a link to a homemade dehydrator that is easy to make and needs no tools or skills to build also great for people in apartments . Here is 1 more great resource link