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Food Preparations

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  • Food Preparations

    Just curious if any of you have looked into food and agriculture, beyond MRE's and canned goods, such as virgin seeds for planting, etc.

    I have seen websites selling seed packs for up to 125 dollars, for virgin seeds for planting, etc. 5 pounds of seeds, for 125 on one link from

    I'm no green thumb, my thumb is usually sorta like a vampires when it comes to plants, things just wither and die around me... lol

    That being said, just wondering what if any plans were in the group, for long term, sustained food supply, beyond hunting and fishing.

    Any thoughts and suggestions?

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    We have about an acre for garden space but don't plant it as tight as we could to get maximum crops. The soil is like potting soil because my FIL has a landscaping business and brings home tons of grass clippings and leaves every year to add as compost in the fall so we should get a high yield for at least a few years if necessary.
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      I have about a 1/4 to 1/2 acre (depending on how froggy I feel the year before when I plow up the ground) with room to grow (pun intended). Try to plant heirloom varieties if possible... try

      Establishing an orchard on the homestead as well as fruit producing bushes :) I like free stuff :)

      Also keep bees and jar my own honey :)

      Need some more nut treees...


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