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Do you have a mess kit in your BOB or pack?

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  • Do you have a mess kit in your BOB or pack?

    What do you have...?
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.

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    in my pack I have a standard mil mess kit. in my bug out box, the kitchen box LOL. I have two boys scout cooking sets my grandfather left me. six skillets, six pots of various sizes with lids. they stack inside each other and the largest skillet acts as a lid for the set.

    I need to take a picture of my kitchen box LOL. and post it.


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      I have a pretty wide variety depending on what I'm doing, how long of a stay or how many people are with. I love the Snow Peak titanium pots and my Zebra pot I modified with a chain handle. I also have the option of a quick alcohol burner, burning wood or canister Snow Peak stove.

      I like to have alot of flexibility in my gear.