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    Originally posted by Stitch View Post
    I have been trying for a few years to buy two of these canteens. Every six months or so I send off an e-mail. In the past I never received a response. To my surprise I received a response on my current attempt. I was told they are currently out of stock and the next production run will be late June - early July. I will keep everyone posted.
    Please do.....I didn't know anyone was making those again.....:)
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      Her jug carrying form is perfect, now the picture of you above her is a perfect example of what to avoid in more then one way!


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        Typically, for hoofing it in the woods or out exploring, I just regular store bought water bottles.

        For car camping in 5 gallon sizes, then in my opinion, the the best water container is the 5 gallon Military Water Can. You can buy them for just over $18 from a very good vendor.


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          my favorite is a 12 oz bottle with barley and hops. LOL

          seriosuly, I usually carry a camelbak.


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            Tenn, I like your sense of humor!