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Sustainable feed supply for livestock

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  • Sustainable feed supply for livestock

    On another thread here I mentioned that certain breeds of chicken fed primarily on Wheatgrass and this got me to thinking, the majority of people who raise animals for food in order to be more self reliant still use modern breed of animals which are breed specifically to be sustained through the consumption of feed grain.

    This seems to me to be a very large flaw in an attempt to be self sufficient as the health of your animals will be very dependent upon the ability to obtain these grains.

    But if I understand my Agriculture enough, the majority of breeds of modern livestock are the way they are through many generations of selective breeding in order to maximize the potential output whether it be eggs milk or meat, it seems to me that it would be beneficial to find more hardier versions of livestock which can survive and produce using resources which could be maintained on a small scale and not be reliant upon outside sources. The slight drop in output would be worth it I believe for the increased self reliance and stability of output in a shtf scenario

    I started this thread in order to see if anyone has any setups in which they raise livestock which does not require any outside sources of nutrition in order to be healthy and produce properly. and if so they could post some information on any methods they employ in this process