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Really neat compost ideas.

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  • Really neat compost ideas.

    We have been exploring different ways to build compost bins. We use just really basic methods now. This is our first year composting and WOW, it has really taught us a lot! Hopefully this link patsted correctly. Does anyone have any compost ideas/ suggestions/ pics to share? Thanks

    This site is one of my favorites on facebook. There is also pics of gardening sheds that are really neat!
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    Yup, you got the link pasting just right.
    Lots of good photo ideas there.

    I use a 55 gal drum, drilled small holes in the sides for air, cut the top off (just right), flipped it over, and it fits perfectly in the groove of the barrel. Then, simply secure top with rubber straps. Had some black spray paint sitting around and used it on the barrel. No frame, no nails, no wood. I just kick it around in my yard to achieve the "tumbling" action. The whole setup, with barrel, cost me like $18. It works, but my understanding of moisture/air/nutrients/ingredient balances are what's holding me back. Composting takes some practice (if you want quicker results). Otherwise, just pile the stuff up and turn it every month :)

    Thanks for the great link!