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They are dedicated and devoted to providing the best Survival & Preparedness Gear available. They have been around for decades and really excel in the Long Term Food Storage Category.

Survival Warehouse - Offering the best deals and hard to find Survival Kits, Survival Gear, MRES, MRE Meals, Freeze Dried Camping Food, Bug out bags, Survival Gear, Gas masks and more. Be Prepared and ready for any emergency or disaster
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    Recieved the order today, took 6 weeks. A little long, but I also got a phone call making sure everything was alright. I ordered one case of #10 cans and 6 smaller cans(not sure what size they would be considered). I like that the smaller cans all had the pull tab top. There labels have a huge amount of info, much more than everyone else. So I probably will do business with them again because I don't think anyone else can match their prices.
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      finally got shippment

      i had the damage items, i had been talking to SAMS CLUB. then, they sent me to
      ARG. FARMS directly. they were supposed to send damaged items this made 2 shippment both were damaged.
      . i should have had around the first of june. i had to contact sams club, again , then they directly talked to ARG. FARMS , then they called me shortly after that, and asurred me it would be shipped prompty.

      i told them they needed to ship in a double box. well i finally got it around the june 18 th. it wasn't damaged...... overall all the order was ok, and shipped within reason, but getting the last 2 cases that were damaged has been very SLOW. i placed my order around end of APRIL.
      i will probally order from them again.. they did make it right.
      i have ordered from other companies too. and deyhr. items were slow, some items took 6 weeks.


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        sounds like they have some quality control issues

        was wanting to try them out but now I dunno


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          My experience with Auguson has been good.
          I've only placed two orders with them but both were received complete in 10 days.
          First order was small with only a dozen tins or so just to check there products and service. Second order was double that to add to the pantry stocks.
          Both orders were placed on line direct to them and not thru SAMs.
          As long as they continue with the service I've received so far I will continue to order from them.
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