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Green House

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  • Green House

    Last fall the neighbor and I put up this Green House/High Tunnel on his farm. It's a good thing we did because getting into the fields right now is not going to happen. We haven't seen a spring this wet in ages. He sells at a local farmer market and we get all of the produce we can from him.

    We had a huge snow melt this year, alot of rain and more snow even today! He has been working on his final touches, but it is working well for him so far. It's giving him the start he wanted.

    He is growing tomatoes, spinach, peas, carrots, lettuce, carabi and beets so far.

    This thing really works well, i would go in there during the winter months on a sunny day and it was really neat seeing all the green weeds in there.

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    Wow that's a big green house. I keep saying I'm going to build one some day.