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  • Calling all gardeners!

    I'm getting ready to plant my first "real" garden since I was a kid. Having back problems I thought I would do as much vertical gardening as possible. I would like to know if the yields of cucumbers, beans, squash, etc. are about the same, greater or less than planting in the traditional manner. In other words, am I wasting my time going up instead of planting in rows?

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    Last year our cucumbers climbed the chain link fence as well as what we provided. Grew more close to the ground than on the fence.

    Zuccini all grew close to the base of the plant.

    We used bush beans, so expected them to be shortish.

    Not sure you ever waste your time growing your food.

    Both of us use a milk carton to sit on while tending the plants. I'm eying this with lust:
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