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On the go food cooking

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  • On the go food cooking

    I recently looked into some single burner butane portable gas stove. It used 8 oz. butane gas canisters. The single burner stove put out 7000 btu's and the fuel is easy to carry. Just the stove with a single canister of fuel sells on cheaper tha dirt for $11.99 plus shipping. Or you can go to Amazon and get the stove and 12 fuel canisters for $59 and some change and that includes shipping also. These would be great if you would ever have to leave your home and didnt want to leave any signs of where you camped, or if you just don't have time to make one. Remember to stock foods that don't need electricity to be prepared.

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    Good stuff powers29

    One advantage to the MRE is the chemical heating that they provide... However, I've never been a huge fan of MRE's, and prefer to put together my own menus from various sources. This means, eat it cold... or have a way to cook it. I carry one of the Esbit stoves in my "3-day/get home bag".
    You're right. Sometimes a campfire just isn't feasible for certain situations.

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    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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      We bought a Volcano, which will use charcoal, wood, or propane.

      One of my "what if we run out of..." fears has been that we lock ourselves into something too restrictive. That's why I don't plan to use the freezer, if we lose power, we'll either have to can everything REAL quickly, smoke it, dehydrate it, or lose it.
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        We are currently working on a multilevel bug in/out plan with just this kind of thing in mind. We have the bug in with lots of cans and totes. The bug out with vehicle that has lighter totes that can be packed into the truck and the simple BOB if we have to go on foot. The logistics and redundancy factor of moving 4 people and 2 dogs becomes overwhelming at times but we are slowly working it out.


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          Some of the things that I am issues that I am confronting is my wife and children's comfort. I plan to stay right where I am at if and when something happens, but if the time comes I want to make them as comfortable as possible. Moving to another location into the mountains behind my house by a river is an option and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible that's why I am steering towards foods commonly found in the home that is easily prepped without electricity. As a matter of fact my 5 year old daughter and I just went and bought 8 cases of ramen noodles and 4 cases of instant lunch. Both easily prepped with just hot water. Hell we eat that stuff already why not incorporate it into our bug out or emergency stash.