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looking to find a new water filter system

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  • looking to find a new water filter system

    I have been looking to find a new light weight water system. I want something that will work on anything from viro to chems. I ain't to pickey on weight but would like to keep it under a pound and less than 140.00. That if it is possible. any and all thoughts are welcome.:confused:

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    There are several good choices in your price/size range with pore sizes around 0.2 microns. These will catch bacteria, protozoa, particulates (silt), and improve the taste. But I don't know of any filters that will elimitate viruses in that price/size range. Viruses are just too small. You might have to add boiling or chemical treatment if you are particularly worried about viruses. Or you could get a steripen, but that takes power and won't remove silt or odors. $65, larger, 15oz, only 200gallons, w/ prefilter $80, 15oz, 500gallons, w/ prefilter $80, 16oz, 500gal, no prefilter $100, 7.4oz, 1000gallons, w/ prefilter

    Choosing one really comes down to size, weight, filter life, cost of replacement filters, and does the unit include a prefilter to protect the main filter. Is the unit field serviceable without tools? The Katadyns use a special cloth fiber filter, while the MSR units use a ceramic filter which can be reversed and backflushed to help remove buildup during use.

    Hope that helps


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      Here is what I have... Hope this helps
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        This shouldn't cost you but a couple of bucks it's not as pretty as the $100 ones but every bit as effective. Here's another ....

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          Virus... nasty stuff. Try a Steripen- they get excellent reviews and it will kill a virus (99.9% of the time... but we all know it is the.1% that will kill you); the Sidewinder is on our income tax refund purchase list this year.

          Good luck.

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            I think the real key to clean water is (like everything else in survivalism) redundancy. Ideally you would prefilter -->filter --> UV or boiling (either one kills viruses) --> then chemical to prevent future growth. There are a lot of good options out there.

            Just figure out some combination of steps that takes care of everything you are concerned about and a way to accomplish those steps anywhere at any time.


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              A unit called Big Burkee was recommended too me by a user.The web site has several models.


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                I use a Katedin pocket filter. Its pricey on Amazon, about $230.00. They make a cheaper one but not sure about the price. The Kat. will pump about 13,000 gals. of water before you replace the filter.(ceramic) We have used it everywhere, on the A.T., cave water, & streams.


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                  The Katadyns use a ceramic filter not a cloth fiber filter. We have the top of the line Katadyn, about $230.00.


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                    I have used the Big Berkey water filtration system for over a year and I love it. Under normal use u can get 6 to 8 mo. out of a filter. When needed remove the filters scrape and brush off the out side flush and u r ready to go for another 6 to 8 mo. Cleans water to 99.9% and even removes clorine, lead, mercury and other harmful items.
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                      I had this system given to me at a clinic being held in a local outdoor outfitter. Nice and light and very versatile.

                      Its called a Sawyer "all in one filter". I can't post a link due to my low post count. Moontrail has them.