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    I've seen them too, they do not have the shelf life of the cans. I'm still liking the green bean juice or pea juice, but I agree, marketing might be a little tough...

    I have been thinking about plastic bottles. I might make millions with that idea....
    I could sell water for more than gas that way....
    He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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      5 year shelf life, 4.225 oz each pouch, approved by US Coast guard, meets SOLAS requierments. Case weighs 25 #.
      $19.95 at colemans military surplus.

      They sell MREs and lots of other stuff.


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        Originally posted by Oscar Wilde View Post
        I keep 400 gals of house tap water stored in 8 fifty gal plastic barrels.... O.W.
        10 barrels / 500 gal.
        Things are seldom what they seem.


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          What is the shelf life of your water and how do you prepair it?
          I found the canned water from the company, they also can cheese and butter. 30 year shelf life. I'm waiting on prices.


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            I would put my money in water filtration, purification and if anything, build a RAM WATER PUMP to route the water from it's source, (Lake, river, stream) to wherever you need it routed to. Just GOOGLE(tm) RAM WATER PUMP DESIGNS.

            I never even knew about these things? Why didn't anybody teach me this stuff in school?

            Evidently they have been in use since way back in Egyptian times.
            "Trained to kill, prepared to die, prefer to live, Semper Fi!"


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              Originally posted by USMC0351Grunt View Post
              I never even knew about these things? Why didn't anybody teach me this stuff in school?
              What we were "taught" was to be dependant upon established institutions. If we'd been taught the necessities to provide for ourselves these institutions would be outta business and not in control .... I'm a little disappointed too.

              Things are seldom what they seem.


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                I don't want to hijack this thread and it's going off topic, so I will start a new thread called "Water storage & idea for filtration" - please visit it, I have questions about storing water that we are starting to get into on this post.


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                  I have a can of drinking water that was donated by Anheuser-Bush out of St. louis, MO. I have never opened it as it was given to me sept. 1999 as a suvenier from the hurricane Floyd. A great deal of people lost there water in Portsmouth, VA and I was working there at the time. It states to use within 180 days from date on bottom of can which is may of 1999. kinda wonder if the canned water you see will last 30 years. this is canned like the beer cans. I would be afraid to drink this one.


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                    After reading this thread, I'm wondering why anyone would buy canned water. As long as you store your water in a chemically stable container, ie. glass, stabilized plastic, mylar, etc.... The water never goes bad. If the water is pure when you store it and its sealed, there is no reason it won't be pure when you open it. Water is one of the few stable substances on the planet, work with it, not against it.



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                      You can store water up to 5 years from your own well and all you have to do is:

                      a. Buy FDA approved 55 gallon drums. Plastic is best.

                      b. Use an chemical agent (Bleach) to remove any living germs inside while cleaning.

                      c. Fill with clean water (Do not use your garden hose it gives off toxic chemicals. Fill until there is no room left for air once you close the top.

                      d. Treat the water with a chemical agent.

                      e. Store in a cool dry place.


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                        I have always carred 2 or 3 of those plastic jugs of water that you get for about a $1 at the store behind my back seat. Rotate them out every 6 mo. or so. Today was rotate day and all three had holes in them and had leaked about 1/3 to 1/2 out. Have they changed jugs to be like the same as milk jugs, that is planned degrading? The new ones at the store seem to be much thinner than my old ones. Now I need to find heavier jugs to put behind the seat. Did not wear through, just started to leak!


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                          I would say if you're close to a source of water, you may want to invest in a good purifier instead. But if you're not near water, and you can afford it, and it would give you peace of mind, then go for it. Everyone is in a different situation regarding what they have access to.