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Canned Meat Storage After Opening

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  • Canned Meat Storage After Opening

    I see many talking about the wonders of canned meats. But it seems that one thing keeps getting overlooked. In a real SHTF situation the majority of us will not have power much less refrigeration. Once I pop the top on a #10 can of beef the shelf life is over. As I have no need to feed an army what am I supposed to do? I would go the freee dried route but most of that is filled with Partially hydrogenated crap.

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    I think the rave over canned meat is for the small ,basically single serving cans , or meats like Spam, Corned Beef ,those could reasonably be consumed in a day by one person.Not one of my favorites but the small cans of Vienna sausages , Hormel's deviled ham , all are single serving cans.
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      I agree with rsanders.
      The only things I keep in #10s are rice, beans, sugar, flour, some pasta's, and powdered milk.
      For the very reason stated by Survivorman, my meats, fruits and veggies, are mostly standard grocery store sizes, with the exception of some #2.5 Yoders items.

      If I were storing for a large group or MAG I would surely take advantage of the cost benefits offered by the #10's though.
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        Also the cost of number 10 cans of meat is outrageous and so not worth it. Much better to use regular 16oz, 12oz, 8oz, and 4oz cans of meat for your larder. That way no worries over your having to eat an entire canned chicken at one time.