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Gardening "Gufoon" Here - General Questions

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  • Gardening "Gufoon" Here - General Questions

    I live in Texas. I built a raised planting bed out of fence panels that were coming down due to old age. No stain. Just old pine which should hold up fine for a few years. Filled them with 3 yards of quality bedding mix. Started a compost barrel, but that's another horror story I'll share later :)

    Info: it's been damn hot here. We've been over 100 every day (up to 106) for nearly two weeks now. I lost all of my potato plants in early July (probably because I didn't know what I was doing - still don't). I've managed to keep two alive and looking pretty healthy. They get the full enchilada of the Texas Summer sun (10am to sunset). However, both are under a foot tall and have ceased any growth.

    Question: it's the heat, right? If not, what am I doing wrong?

    Other Questions: I've had snap beans, tomatoes, poll beans, and peppers all get chewed up by some sort of I don't know what. All were young. All planted in the heat. All started to grow quite well, but then... leaves got blotchy, dried, and died. Pumpkin and water melon are all that's left. Again... is it the extreme heat, or do I need to spraying them with something? I have no idea how to identify what (if anything) is chewing on them.

    First time gardener here, but I'm thinking I got started too late this summer (damn hot). But if I knew for sure, I wouldn't be asking you fine folk :)


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    It's been record setting hot here in Ky. this year also,and folks are loosing thier crops due to the extreme heat.Not sure what is chewing on your plants but, squirrels ,rabbits ,turtles,just about every critter out there will chew on vegetation to get the moisture out especially when it's this hot and dry.The blotchy leaves sounds like some type disease,you might want to contact your county extension office and see what they can tell you,around here those folks are very helpful. Good Luck to you on the rest of the growing season !
    Every Day , Is A Bonus.


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      I had grasshoppers eat my corn, wheat, strawberries and my new apple tree.

      I am not amused


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        Oh man! An apple tree! I'd be pissed.
        I'm thinking electric bug zapping cage for that!

        You know, this has taught me a HUGE lesson about being dismissive and unrealistic about the old "well, I'll just grow food if something happens to society" way of thinking. Folks, stock up. What I'm learning (and I'm as green as a gardener gets - and not on my thumb) is that gardening skills can take a lifetime to grow. In the middle of a food shortage is NOT the time to find this out. Nor is a record heat wave.

        May cooler weather (and better growing skills) head my way.
        Thanks for the replies. Extension Office. I'll try that.

        Prep people. Prep.



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          Oh, I'm twisted about it. Grasshoppers ate everything and chewed the leaves off my apple tree. I'm hoping it's not dead. Won't know till next year. I did learn exactly how much water that plants need to survive in this heat. It's incredible


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            Yup, I'm treating this entire first go as a learning experience and trying not to get down on myself. Taking notes, and will jump into the fall growing season with much more knowledge. The heat... who could predict. Yet, the required water, the heat, all the factors... it's been a rough entry into the world of gardening.

            Still, I say this... folks, learn this skill now. Waiting till you absolutely need it is a huge mistake. Thankful I'm making my (many) mistakes now, while the seams are still intact.