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Zero water filters

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  • Zero water filters

    Bought one of these and love it!
    If you have bad water, the filters do not last long but if you need filters, buy them through the site and they go for $10 ea when you buy a 16 pack and no shipping charge.
    The filters go for about $12 TO $14 each out of the stores.

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    Be careful with how and what you use that filter for.
    It looks like a great deal, and probably does much better than my Pur filter that I use for my tap water at home, but that thing will not filter the uglies that will put you on the toilet for 72 hours. If your going to use it as a post event type filter, make sure you boil the water before drinking.
    From the ZeroWater website FAQ's:

    Q. Does the filter remove Chloramine?
    A. We have done internal lab testing that shows our filters can reduce chloramine. However, the presence of chloramine can reduce the expected life of the filter, so if you have chloramine in your water, you may need to change your filter more often than normal.

    Q. Does the filter remove Phenol?
    A. We are not certified to reduce phenols.

    Q. Does the filter remove Cryptosporidium?
    A. We are not certified to reduce cryptosporidium (microbiological cysts).

    Q. Does the filter remove bacteria?
    A. The current system is meant to be used with municipally treated, potable water as the current filter will not remove microbiological contaminants.

    Q. Does the filter remove oxygen from water?
    A. The filters do not remove dissolved oxygen from water.

    That said I'll be looking into getting one of these. Greensboro City water tastes.... not good.

    Eliminate all contaminants from your drinking water with the best water filters on the market. Choose ZeroWater for the purest tasting water!
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    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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      Thank you for the information, anything that I can can learn from someone is greatly appricated.
      I currently use it for the water from my well, but if needed for post event, i would definatly boil first.
      Luckily, I have the water well on my property as, like you, the city water around here is terrible!