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  • Reusable Canning Lids

    Stealth13 sent me a message asking about reusable canning lids. I'd never heard of them!

    So went to his link at to read up on them.

    I bought three dozen lids and an extra dozen rings at their website I'll use these to can some of the peaches that are just coming into season and see how they do.

    Ladies, have you tried them?

    And Stealth, thanks for the info!
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    I've not tried them, but I have heard of them. I'll be interested to hear your review! I also heard that you can reuse canning lids if you boil them with baking soda - the soda makes the seals pop back out.....I've not tried this either. I'd want to test that theory on a few jars before I relied on it, but in hard times it might be better than nothing?


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      Just started canning this year. Wish I knew about this before I bought my supplies.


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        They work beautifully. Haven't had any issues. Thinking about buying some more, I've been worried about running out of lids (even though I have a bajillion of them).
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          I to have heard of the reusable canning lids from other sources. Leman's has them also. glad to hear that they work because I have been wanting to try them also and could never find anyone that had used them. I am going to check to see who is the cheapest and order some to try also.