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    Due to the fact that summer is coming and it looks like it will be nice to go camping soon, I will be looking at ideas for camp food. Now I know that MREs are a good idea, but I would rather save those than eat them up.

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    Spam and potatoes fried up are yummy,
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      Camp food really depends on what kind of camping you're talking about. For backpacking I like bringing easy and light foodstuffs such as Mountain House freeze dry which tastes better than any MRE I've ever had, and I always have several extra packs of Lipton noodle sides in different flavors, and tuna and chicken packets (not cans, but the little ready-made bags). With that stuff plus a book on local edible plants and herbs, you're pretty much good to go. Now for base camping, the sky is the limit! When weight is not an issue, a nicely stocked cooler (meats, eggs, etc.), plus dry mixes that are prepared beforehand are a huge plus. Combine that with a good stove and cookware, camp dutch ovens, a spice rack and various other goodies such as corn, onions, garlic, taters and maters and so on, and you're living like a king anywhere you make your outpost :) Cobblers in the NC mountains make for an adventure in themselves during berry season. Go find blackberries and you're golden! Just watch out for the bears cause they like them too LOL!
      Screw hot dogs over the fire. Instead try steak on a stick done the same way as a hot dog and now you're eatin good! Asparagus in butter, wrapped in alufoil on the edge of the fire for like 20 minutes and you'll wonder why you ever spent money on one of those fancy overpriced restaurants! Outdoor cooking is one of the greatest pleasures in life if you ask me. Everything tastes so much better when its cooked in the woods!
      I love my dutch ovens! Not only did they play a big role way back in the frontier days, but they also play a huge role in my outdoor kitchen. With them I can make anything from brownies, bread, biscuits, and cobblers, but I can also make roasts, BBQ chicken and ribs, and the list just goes on! Here is a good website to give you more ideas:

      Yeah a camp dutch oven is a bit pricey, but with a little care they last lifetimes (yes, lifetimes! A buddy of mine has one that belonged to his great grandma!). I never go base-camping without mine and everyone LOVES how easy they are to use and more so what comes out of them LOL!


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        I agree with MasterMynd. It all depends on your camping choice and more importantly the available water sources. Boiled and filtered swamp water might keep you alive but can make your freezedrieds taste a little different to say the least, and if you are packing water for them that can be a bit of a burden. Weight is another consideration. Basically I think you can cook anything in a can, on a stick or wrapped in aluminum foil on a campfire. Go out in the backyard or local park and experiment long before you hit the boonies. This will help you refine your options to your skill level, personal taste and availibility. Don't forget the little niceties such as ketchup, salt and pepper or whatever spices you use at home. These can make a skunk's butt taste like filet mignon if you do it right and are hungry enough. One more thing to keep in mind, your body is used to your current diet and will take time to adjust to a new diet. This can be insignificant in some cases or catastrophic depending on how far your camping food varies from what you usually eat. As with all things..............PRACTICE!


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          I use a dutch oven every time we camp, and at home too. My favorite breakfast is 1-2 dozen eggs, 2 #s cooked bacon, a bag or 2 of frozen hash browns, onions, 2#s cheese, mushrooms, season to taste garlic-salt-pepper etc. , and 1 stick butter/ or margerine. Cook till slightly brown on top. MMMMM good.
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