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Balcony gardening with a mini-greenhouse. Questions.

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  • Balcony gardening with a mini-greenhouse. Questions.

    So, I'm looking at building a 4 shelf 45in by 30in and 72in to 80in tall greenhouse. Also, the possibilty of a 20in by 45in by 48in tall. Having it on my balcony. I've been looking around all over for the best way to do this. Anyone know of any good resources for building such a thing.
    Really, I was thinking of getting some L brackets, 2x2s and 2mil plastic sheeting, chicken wire, and some hindges to make a couple doors.

    I've never done any gardening. Nor have I ever built a greenhouse. I'm really looking for some suggestions. Don't I need to have a way to regulate tempature? Can this be done with solar power? Anyone know if there is a way for me to water my plants with solar power as well?

    WTH should I grow? I am thinking of doing one of those upside down tomato plants.

    I know I really want to grow my own vegi's and things. I don't have that much space. I do have one of those 9 tray Excalibur Dehydrators.

    When it's the end of the world as we know it and I want to feel fine. I figure gardening knowledge would be best. Also, I'm trying to eat healthier. What a healthier way to eat than grow your own food.
    I have an 8ft by 10ft balcony. I get morning sun and there is light on my balcony until about 1pm when it starts to shade.

    Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

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    Really don't have much experience here either, but, being that you are waaay up north, you have to be diligent with the temp control. Are you planning on keeping perishable plants over winter? Do you have access to electricity?

    I would consider making a frame from PVC pipe, then covering with heavy plastic. Maybe combining the two spaces into one, like a small house. You can get small thermostatically controlled heaters to keep above freezing, or a small thermostat that a heater can plug into that turns the power on and off to the heater. You should aim at no lower than 40 degrees. The heater won't run much to keep it this warm, and if you can put the back of the greenhouse against your house, it will help that much more. If the power goes out, all bets are off... also do you have a lot of wind? plastic could suffer. I have seen folks that use barrels of water to heat... allowing them to warm in the sun, then slowly release at night, but that might be too big for your small space.

    If you have a crawlspace vent that happens to be on the deck, you could build the GH so that the vent allows warm air into the GH, that would help with the heating.

    Just random thoughts... good luck, post some pics!
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      Do you have any updates? Would love to see pics of what you built and how the experience is going for you.