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    Originally posted by tarheelsman71 View Post
    My group has done the research and we are now using 5 Gal food grade buckets with Gamma Lids for our food storage. But we are taking a differeent approach to it. We are setting up each 5 gal container to have a little of everything in it. This way you are not opening up a 50 lbs bag of rice to make 5 lbs of rice. Essentially we have purchased an indutrial grade vaccum sealer and put most everything into 3 lbs bags. 3lbs of flour, 3 lbs bisquick, 3 lbs of pasta, 3 lbs of rice, 1 lb bags of salt and sugar. 3lbs of red wheat, container of peanut butter, hard candies. This way we will have essentially meal sized packaging. We vary the different types of meal types, and mark the containers with different colored lids. We have some that are setup for spaghetti type meals, chili type meals. Now none of us live at our retreat, and we are 90 miles from the retreat. So if we had to hoof it because of an EMP, we got a storage unit (with AC and Heat)in the nearby town 6 miles away from the retreat site. We have stored over 20 of these containers at the retreat and plan to have about 80 of the cans at the storage unit. We also have extra gardening tools and toilet paper in the storage unit. If you do not have a "retreat" planned out, it wouldnt be a bad idea to determine your route and direction of where you plan to bugout and find a storage unit along the way to store some stuff. When you get a known bugout location then you can just move your stuff again. Good luck.

    I could be wrong, and usually am.... but this sounds like a very good idea.
    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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      Recent -
      Welcome to the colony, neighbor. I am also fairly new to preping and have picked up some great advice along the way, Im sure you will as well. The first thing I recommend when it comes to storing food - stock what you eat, and eat what you stock. I have just started buying my stock, mostly pinto beans, rice, and canned vegetables so far. I ordered some powdered milk, powdered eggs, powdered cheese, and freeze dried fruits from - hasnt gotten here yet but should be along any day now. Their prices arent horrible, shipping is currently $4.49 for the entire order, and I found an online coupon that saved me 10%. The good thing about the powdered foods is they have a very long shelf life.

      My hubby grew up in east Tennessee - raised on beans and cornbread so eating pinto beans isnt out of the ordinary for us. I have a couple different ways of cooking them if you havent done it before. He is also an electrical guru so if you have electrical questions Im sure he could get them answered for you. I have a Sams Club membership if you dont, wouldnt mind meeting up and letting you take advantage of it. There is a Sams really close to where I live, just off of the 820 at the Rufe Snow exit. Anyway, holler if you have any questions.


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        For all the responses, ideas, feedback, etc... Thanks!!! I've read, considered, and learned a lot from them all. Thank you!

        My short term stop-gap food stock I settled on...
        In addition to our small canned and boxed food stores, I made a bulk purchase of Mountain House #10 cans (on sale w/free shipping)

        Tried some small pouches of their food, made the family take a bite, and all the samples were well received. Conservatively speaking, this should extend our food another 6 months, and that's eating very well.

        Why I went with freeze dried foods... it's a quick fix, simple to prepare, pretty good taste, and I can store and forget it (for now - no immediate rotation concerns). I was impressed with the sample pouches I bought... just boil a little water, pour in, let set for 10 minutes, and eat. It ain't home cooked food, but it really wasn't bad at all. This wasn't cheap and set my land purchase back multiple moons. When I hit the "buy" button, I sort sat stunned for a little while afterwards (I don't spend 2K on a whim). The next morning... I was at peace with my decision. I procurred food for my family with an expiration date of 2035! I was gonna purchase land first, but it just didn't make sense. If something happened, I'd have empty acres and not enough to eat. I hope I made the right decision.

        My next priority is water procurement and storage (at home - for now), and I'll make another post for that. I hope I can get excellent feedback there, like I did here.

        I hope this thread is not dead. The freeze dried option is only my quick fix. Wheat, corn, and other food stuffs in a 5 gal packaging system have me planning for an extended stocking program. After that, seeds and preparations for growing for the long haul. I hope I'm doing this in the right order. Guess it comes down to planning and faith. Guys, gals, martians, four legged fuzzies... please share more. What are you doing for food preparation, long term, short term?

        NOTE: if you are considering this... be aware, it will arrive via freight... a half pallete... 18 wheeler at the front door :( If you do a similar purchase, I'd recommend you make arrangements to pick up at the shipping drop ship location. Would be a lower key operation.


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          FrogTacos (great name BTW :)

          Thanks for the response and advice. And howdy neighbor!! :)
          I worked for about a year or so on the west side of Ft. Worth (near Lake Worth).
          Nice to hear from you :)



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            Im just one exit down from Lake Worth. We live off of Old Decatur.