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  • Help me with our next step...

    1. Clearly, this is the source for getting ready. Sounds corny, but I've traveled many-an internet mile, many boards and was put off entirely... too much posturing and who-knows-what. I'm here to receive multiple views and make my own decisions and not get grilled for doing so.

    2. We're new to prepping. Actually, it's just "me." Wife, while supportive and dedicated to us, won't truly embrace/accept the reality of what really MAY happen (can't say I blame her - worst-case scenarios are grim - you all know that). That said, I haven't sold the ranch, bailed on the mortgage, or totally 'flipped off' the credit card companies (tempting, but no :). But I am realistic. Globalism and it's protracted history, how much money has been printed, and our propped up economy... enough said.

    3. What I have done for a home stay :(
    - Stocked enough canned and boxed food for 6 months w/a rotation schedule
    - Stocked enough water for 2 months (I'm working on better but it's a balance - I hope to bug out to better pastures)
    - Stocked enough 'protection' to deny all protracted incursions (aside from organized military) for several weeks (9mm & 12g)
    - Stocked enough fuel to purify local (pond) water and keep us warm for (1 month)
    - Procured means for us to bail out/w enough food/water/fuel for 2 weeks (sad but a realistic estimate)
    - Making plans to purchase land North from us (remote, away from... well, you know the criteria)

    All of the above is for an in-home stay. I have plans for 'our land' (structure, seeds, solar, well), but I'm being realistic for the here and now. Money and finances suck, don't they?

    Short term, my next thought is for extending our food stamina, but I want it to be portable until our BOL is procured. Beyond cans and boxes (crackers), what do I purchase? Sacks of rice, MREs, Mountain House... Any and ALL thoughts are welcome (my considerations are below). Please, elaborate on WHY you chose what you chose.

    - The land purchase will happen. 1 month, 10 months, location ... I don't know. I just know it will happen, 100% faith here.
    - We're close to taking canned food nearly to the limit of feasible rotation/expiration limits.
    - If TSHTF rapidly, most if it (canned/boxed) will be abandoned.
    - We're typical N.Texas people... lost jobs, cut salaries, kids wanting the G.I JOE w/the Kung Fu Grip
    - I love you guys/gals. So much useful info, so much giving and sharing. Thanks!!! I spend my wee hours soaking it all up.

    Be safe, be good, and have faith.

    Recently_Awoken << so true

  • #2're off to a good start, so don't be so hard on yourself...keep stocking up on dry, long-term goods and gather some useful seed collections...everything is relative as far as s&p goes...bone up on your primitive skill set, study these boards in-depth, and do like the rest of us: OJT.....welcome to the resistance xD.
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      Welcome to the Colony. Given that you haven't aquired a BOL you might consider establishing yourself at your present location. Obtain materials to "harden" your home. Railroad ties serve as excellent barriers and do a fair job of slowing incoming projectiles. Lots of folks have Bols far removed from their primary residence .... I'm betting when the time comes few will actually make it to them. For thoughts / recommendations / discussions on particulars do a search .... the list of equipment, proccesses and techniques is extensive. Lots of smart folks here that have made invaluable contributions. Get lots of rice, beans and bullets and other trifles that just make you feel good. Make minimum payments on everything and make every shopping trip as though it's your last. Good luck to you and yours.

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        Originally posted by Recently_Awoken View Post
        Short term, my next thought is for extending our food stamina, but I want it to be portable until our BOL is procured.
        What is your definition of portable? Original containers or 5 gallon buckets? Maybe vacuum pac out of original containers to "make it smaller" and also to extend the shelf life would be a possibility.
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          alright here goes purchase small item's every chance hatchets axe's seed's a colapseable shovel bow saw machette seed' sugar rice with flaor's lotsa ramen noodle's water purifacation kit some decent packs sleeping bags and at least one tarp for starters then go from there
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            I stored rice and beans in mylar bags and 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids in 1999, no O2 absorbers or nitrogen, just put the goods in the deep freeze for several weeks and ate it 10 years later. It wasn't fresh but it was edible. I strongly recomend a pressure cooker to speed cooking times and conserve fuel.
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              Sounds like your not doing to bad for starters, keep it up

              When you say "North Texas" are you talking Panhandle or North Central (ie around DFW / Decateur / Wichita Falls ect.. ) ?

              I'm in Denton myself
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                Just a few miles East of you. Not far at all. Howdy neighbor!


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                  hey sorry on the spelling was tired and fighting to stay awake
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                    Hey RA I noticed that you mentionednearly reaching the limit of the canned food due to the expiration date. No need to worry over that. canned goods will remain edible DECADES after the expiration date posted on the can. THe only time that ypou do not eat an expired can of food is when the vacuum seal has popped, just push the top down if it moves don't eat. They took food canned in jars from a sunken river boat that went done in like the 1880's and the food was still edible. Don't worry over canned goods going bad.

                    If you got a Sam's Club or some other wholesale warehouse join it. I recently bought 50lbs of flour( both kinds),corn meal, cane sugar, white rice, salt( iodized and non-iodized), that is 50lbs of each of those. Then I also got 2 containers of honey 80oz each(160 total), 2 boxes of powdered milk( each box makes 5 gallons). I haven't tried it yet but i got this condensed tea that is presweetened and one container I think makes 25 gallons. Also bought 4 cans of Crisco shortening( it will remain good for up to 4 years if unopened, this is according to the makers tehmselves.) All of this was $128 and some change. Food Lion had a sale on their dry beans the previous week and I bought about 75lbs of various beans, these were $110 or so if I remember correctly

                    I took it home and vacuum sealed it all up into one pound packs and packed it into 5 gallon buckets. The dry goods had some of each in every bucket sealed. Four oc the buckets had Crisco. I sterilized a bunch of pint jars and filled with honey and put them in the buckets as well. All this food was under 250 bucks and the buckets were free from the Food lion bakery. With buckets having mixed contents like this if you have to grab some and run you have a mixture of stuff. This is also good for not haing to risk ruining all the flour. cornmeal, etc when you start using it you can only lose the individual vacuum packed bag from the opened bucket.
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                      EXCELLENT game plan. I've gleaned a ton of tips from your post! Expiration dates on canned foods (yes, I'm new), I had no idea. And your proportioning techniques when packing... great strategy to reducing risk of spoilage!

                      Food Lion... I went to school in Georgia... we don't have Food Lion out this way... been 20 years since I've wrassled the Lion :)

                      Thanks again. I'm sure I'll have more questioned soon! Thanks!!!!!!!


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                        Interesting research on the packaging aspect. When I go packing, I'll definitely keep your experience in mind. I read that bucket, then mylar bag, then dry ice, then paper layer, then wheat, then silica pack, then let condesation from bottom of bucket fade (hour or two), then seal, is a good combination for wheat storage (in bucket and mylar bag).

                        Thanks. Your lessons learned are GREATLY appreciated.


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                          Thanks man,

                          Got the Ramen Noodle covered (in spades :)

                          Tools are covered as well.

                          The camping gear... that's next. Great ideas! Thanks!!


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                            Yea RA that is the way to store BULK items. If using a mylar bag you just need to get a 5 gallon bucket. Put the wheat, corn whatever inside and then put a couple of oxygen absorbers on top. The oxygen absorbers will keep any pests from hatching since they need oxygen for doing this. Then seal up the mylar bag and pop the lid on, make sure the mylar bag is completely inside the bucket or else you will ruin the integrity of the bag. Now it is not an absolute must to use a mylar bag if you are using a food grade bucket. Just put the stuff in the bucket throw in the absorbers and pop omn the lid. As the absorbers take in the oxygen there might be a little collapsing of the bucket sides vut this wont hurt it or the food. As for there being no Food Lion in your area any chain grocery store that has a bakery(not WalMart, they reccycle theirs), local restaraunts will have them if you just ask around. Now if you are gonna use a mylar bag you don't need to use a food grade bucket. Just go to Home Depot and get their oprange 5 gallon bucket for 1.98 and theorange lid for .98 and use them if you run out of ones from the stores and such.


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                              My group has done the research and we are now using 5 Gal food grade buckets with Gamma Lids for our food storage. But we are taking a differeent approach to it. We are setting up each 5 gal container to have a little of everything in it. This way you are not opening up a 50 lbs bag of rice to make 5 lbs of rice. Essentially we have purchased an indutrial grade vaccum sealer and put most everything into 3 lbs bags. 3lbs of flour, 3 lbs bisquick, 3 lbs of pasta, 3 lbs of rice, 1 lb bags of salt and sugar. 3lbs of red wheat, container of peanut butter, hard candies. This way we will have essentially meal sized packaging. We vary the different types of meal types, and mark the containers with different colored lids. We have some that are setup for spaghetti type meals, chili type meals. Now none of us live at our retreat, and we are 90 miles from the retreat. So if we had to hoof it because of an EMP, we got a storage unit (with AC and Heat)in the nearby town 6 miles away from the retreat site. We have stored over 20 of these containers at the retreat and plan to have about 80 of the cans at the storage unit. We also have extra gardening tools and toilet paper in the storage unit. If you do not have a "retreat" planned out, it wouldnt be a bad idea to determine your route and direction of where you plan to bugout and find a storage unit along the way to store some stuff. When you get a known bugout location then you can just move your stuff again. Good luck.