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anyone have a jerky recipe

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    Didn't want to start a new thread so I'm tagging this one. Pork loin on sale for $2.99 a pound this week so I bought 3. Nice big ones. Now you can make jerky from any meat I've been told and my dehydrator even gives temp to use for pork. so, anyone out there have a seasoning recipe for pork jerky or do I just use the same as beef? I have a dry rub for pulled pork I might adapt.


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      ive made a lot of jerky. ive never tried anything other than beef or venison. the deal with jerkey is that you want to cure the meat, season it, then smoke/dry it. so you soak it in a marinade of choice. me, i like a couple dabs of soy sauce,a couple dabs of worcestershire sauce, some salt, pepper, dehydrated onion bits, thyme leaves,garlic , lots of coarse ground black pepper, and ground dehydrated red pepper.and a smidgen of ground cayenne pepper. and about a cup of water. i put all this in a large freezer bag, then cut meat into 1/4 in. thick by however wide and long slices of meat. i place them in the bag till its full. i then try to push out the air and seal the bag at the same time. then i kneed the bag so that marinade gets on all the meat. i let it set like this for 24 hours in the fridge.{now if i was doing this in a outdoor living situation. i might not have all this. id make sure i had salt without iodine in it. id coat the meat with salt all over it for a day or so.its part of a way to cure it.}, next its time to dry out the meat. it is raw.{ YOU DO NOT COOK IT OR IT WILL SPOIL!}. see, dehydrators do cook it a little. thats why they say you have to refrigerate the jerkey after you make it. it will hold up that way around a week without refrigeration but your chancing your health. o.k. so how do you make real jerky like the natives of this great land once upon a time without refrigerators? next you smoke it. yep smoke it. first you have to build a hardwood fire, build up lots of coals.under a drying rack.the drying rack has to be high enough that the heat is not so intense that your hand is fine over it at that highth that it wont be uncomfortable .you will place your strips of meat on this rack, tied to it or whatever but on this will be baby sitting this.for quite a while. you will have to toss in some wood from time to time to keep it smoldering. make sure whatever wood you use is a good safe wood like maple, oak, any fruit wood, hickory, ect.when that jerky is dry and stiff its done! now rub some warmed up {not hot and melted} tallow on the meat. this will encase it in a air tight you can place this in a air tight bag , a rawhide pouch, or even a paper bag rolled up and around this jerky.itll keep a long time.the natives used to place this in a rawhide envelope sealed with yet more tallow.even this didnt last forever. but, the act of salting the meat. then brushing the salt off and smoking the meat until dried out was the way it was done for tens of thousands of years.seasoning it with a marinade and a wood choice such as hickory is a more modern way to ad flavors.


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        seen this thread and it reminded me of something similar; pemmican. Has anyone made any and so, how did it turn out?? I've been researching this as an alternative to jerky but I've never run into someone that has actually made it.
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          Best temperature in oven is 140 F-160 F degrees. Place on bottom rack for a minimum of 8 hours. look and test texture. If not ready continue for additional hour.

          Make sure your deer meat has no fat, or silver skin left. That goes for any wild game!

          If you have a dehydrator follow the directions.

          There are many different recipes on the internet just goggle the title "Jerky recipes".