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Adding flavors to canned meats.

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  • Adding flavors to canned meats.

    We've been experimenting with great success on adding flavors to our canned meats. We've been adding taco seasonings, tomatoe juice, "Kitchen basics" stock, and any number of different Lipton soup mixes to our raw pack before we send them into the canner. This really infuses the flavors into the meat. We've done this with venison, beef, pork and Chicken....oh yeah, and a few slow flying geese.


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    Hi mungo! I know this is an old post, but I have been canning new and different things. Some of the things I am canning I got from this sight. I to have started to experiment with using different spices and things. I have tried a couple of receipes from the ball blue book and sort of changed things a little and I worked great. have been making my own speggetti sauce and canning it for years now and it keeps very well. I don't think any of it has gone past the 2 year mark yet. I have been trying to mix what I can with store bought food and then bought some of the 25 year types of food along with dehydrated foods to give us a mix of all types of food to eat. I now have between all of this a 2 year supply of food and is now getting a little harder to keep everything rotated. I have a special stash that i keep seperate just to let run out of date to see how it would be a year down the road. So far so good. I did have maybe 4 cups of rice that I had on my counter in the cansiter just to see how long it would last but that went ransid on me. So all open rice now goes in the refridge for safe keeping and no more problems with that.