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any body ever heard of this brand

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  • any body ever heard of this brand

    ok anybody every heard of camping traild dehydrated food just curious
    the pack that plays together stays together

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    No bells.......
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      Sorry nopers. On the other hand Wally World sporting goods has dehydrated foods. Selection is not great but they have it and you wont need to pay shipping and I am willing to bet that the cost is less as well. I was there getting ammo and tried one on a whim not bad, a little salty like all dehydrated stuff but pretty tastty. I had the beef stroganov. Hope this helps.
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        YEA that is mtn house this stuff is in sportsman warehouse
        the pack that plays together stays together


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          I would research the ingrediants to see if any came from China, if so I would not but/eat it.
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