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feed back please; Mylar / Food Saver Bags

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  • feed back please; Mylar / Food Saver Bags

    Looking for some feedback here. 1st: Can I melt and seal Mylar bag in the appropiate shape of course with my "Food Saver" machine? 2nd: if it is all in a bucket and seal up and away from light, shelf life should be the same or close. Right?
    I know that I can Iron the mylar bags closed but I like to suck out all the air with hope that I can save money on the Oxy absorber packs. I am not looking for 10 year shelf life on my stash.Coments and feed back please.
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    What I do is put the mylar bag inside of a food saver roll and then making sure you have extra in length, place in the machine. This will suck out all the air from inside the mylar bag and seal the food saver bag. After this is done I make a couple more seals for insurance and then seal down on the mylar bag area itself. I have done this for numerous items including firearms and ammo. I leave the food saver bag on the outside for extra protection and then usually but not always place inside a contractor garbage bag and wrap it up for extra protection and have even placed the finished items inside a old but usable car or truck inner tube that you can usually get for free at the tire stores, and then seal. This of course for stuff you don't plan on using for quite awhile.


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      I dont know if the sealer on a vacuum sealer gets hot enough to seal a mylar bag. Try it and see. But if you know someone that eats MREs alot have them save the thick outside brown container for you. These WILL seal up with a vacuum sealer. I seal up stuff in the all the time.


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        I agree, that the sealer may not get hot enough to seal the mylar alone. Didn't know about the MRE container being able to be sealed - so thanks for little tidbit.