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freeze dried food what's your thought's like's and dislike's

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  • freeze dried food what's your thought's like's and dislike's

    i of course have had the mre's and recently tried the mtn house breakfast and ice cream was not bad low on calories and the taste was medial/livable anybody got any other input
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    My input, I really like all of the Mt. House Pro Pak meals I've eaten. They are "single" serve 16oz meals averaging 500-600 clalories each. Cook-in pouch has a flat stand up bottom, resealable zipper seal and is vaccum packed to save space.

    I normally kick them up a bit with spices or hot sauce and add more calories when needed by adding cheeese, or more meat etc. If your going to eat right out of the pouch I'd reccommend Guyot Designs Utensils. They are light very sturdy and long enough to keep your knuckles out of the grub.

    There is a small write up bout them half way down pg2 of my BOB post.
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      Strictly MRE's for me. Don't care for the freeze dried stuff. But, MRE's are not good for those of you that plan on humping it into the woods. Much to heavy.


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        thanks yall was wondering about some of the old school c rations any input and has anybody tried the big tubs of mtn house
        the pack that plays together stays together


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 has the #10 cans at 40% off! I will be buying 4 next spring. The MTn House website lists thier 5 best sellers as Beef Stroganoff, Lasange, and I forget the other 3.
          As too C-Rats; Canned bread that tasted like iron filings and cold reconstituted EGGS W/Bacon Flavoring were not my favorites, but when warmed-up were pretty good especialy when I was hungry! The old Steak and Spuds cut to perfectly fit inside the can were good but it was the B-Units that everyone wanted! That Huge round/flat Hearshy Bar wrapped in foil at the bottom of certain B-Unit cans was worth 10 cigirettes ( they used to pack them in C-rats as well). Oh that Hot Choclate drink (when you had HOT WATER) was good but that Kool-Aid mix sucked, unless you used it to disguise the iodine treated water!
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