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Composting Question?

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  • Composting Question?

    I have about eight (8) old tires around the house. What I want to do is stack the tires about four (4) tires up in the shape of a barrel and then add my stuff to make compost. My question is this, is there any danger by using the tires as my barrels? I'm covering the top opening with a tarp to hold in the heat and moisture
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    Covering the tires with a tarp should keep standing water out of the tires, that will keep your compost bin from becoming a mosquito breeding ground. Other than that i would say rinse the tires with plenty of running water before you stack them to reduce the loose, ground carbon/rubber that is usually on used tires.

    I know folks who grow potatoes in stacked up old tires. As the plants grow stack another tire and fill with top soil and compost. They get 50 pounds or more from each stack.

    We use old wood pallets to make a compost box. Four pallets tied together at the corners make a box nearly sixty cubic feet depending on the size of your pallets you can make a lot of compost. The open spaces let in air and moisture to speed up the decomposition and when we're ready we just untie one corner and push the wheel barrow in close to fill it up.


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      Compost need to be turned and it seems like it would be hard to turn in the tires. I also use pallets that I get for free to make composting bins. I use the 3 bin system. I can walk a wheel barrel right into the bins to dump. If you google Pallet composting bins there are some great proven designs.


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        Tried something different this summer. Instead of putting grass clippings in heap, bagged them in black plastic trash bags. Checked a couple of days ago and the most beautiful black compost ready for spring. No turning or maintenance, believe the key is fresh green grass with plenty of moisture.
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