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Pickled okra

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  • Pickled okra

    Has anybody ever had pickled okra? I tried it on a dare ( from my 6 year old). This stuff is good! I was totally suprised! My wife then tasted and she liked it. My daughter just looked at us, rolled her eyes, and stuck out her tongue and said NO THANKS! :D We just added a new food to our pantry.

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    My aunt makes it all the time. It's ok but kind of slimy. I'll take mine rolled in flour and cornmeal and fried to a golden brown.


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      I like it that way as well. The wife and I have already eaten half a jar so I bought another while at wally world last night.


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        Make your own pickled okra. its so easy even I can make it!

        You will need

        Canning jars, okra, vinegar, if you like mustard seed, dill weed, garlic, peppers

        Boil and clean you jars and lids,

        Put okra in jar being carefull not to touch sealing rim of jar.
        If you do touch the rim wipe it off with a clean hot rag.

        Add any mustard, dill or garlic if you like or a hot pepper or three

        Boil vinegar to a rolling boil pour into hot packed jar, leave a little air at the top 1/4 to 3/8 inch

        Seal lid and leave it alone, it should "POP" after a half hour or so of cooling down.

        If the straight vinegar is too strong for you cut the vinegar in half with water.

        Another trick is pack one jar with okra and fill with water pour the water out into a measuring cup and you know how much vinegar to boil, just add a little more for your boil mixture and you do not waste as much vinegar.

        I think it might be a law here in the south that you must have pickled okra with your collard or turnip greens...........good stuff man!

        I do not know if this is safe but we ate a jar of pickled okra my wifes grand ma made over ten years ago, it tasted good and no ill effects.


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          Thanks Barracudabilly. I will have to try that. Has anyone ever had giant okra?


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            Super crisp refrigerator pickled okra. No complication of jars, no shelf life, just quick and easy. I make 2 quart Tupperware bowl at time. I am fortunate, the local Chinese market has fresh baby okra from somewhere most year round. If you have a concentration of Chinese demographics, in the middle somewhere there is a market they shop fresh daily at and if the produce isn't fresh they can't sell. OK I told you my year round source secret. Rinse okra. Pack into Tupperware dish. Fill with 5% acidity pickling vinegar. Drain through colander.
            Now you know how much vinegar you need. Place vinegar in stainless pot, add 2 tablespoons canning salt, 10-30 cloves whole garlic(the pickled garlic is an added treat) 2 tablespoons red pepper flakes. Bring to rolling boil, pour over okra and let cool to room temperature. Place lid, pressing down and creating vacuum. Store in refrigerator. It is already good to go in a day or so when chilled. You can make 2 quarts of better pickled okra like this than the premium brand at the cost of a pint of it. This methodology works with anything you want to pickle fresh. Sliced cucumbers with sugar and turmeric & onions= bread and butter pickles to die for. I realize this does not comply with the heart of the forum for long term survival and storage, but just an easy way to achieve instant gratification while we are waiting on the jerky to dry.
            If at first, you don't succeed, suck harder.


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              mmmm love pickled okra, slime and all! :p Wish the rest of the fam did... Thanks for the recipes, I'm on it. (Well, when spring comes, and the garden gets plowed, and a few more steps...) :)