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    Just want some ideas on the cheapest place to buy drink mixes, such as lemonade. When I look at allowing one flavored drink a day per person, whoa, it takes a great deal of mix. I have purchased some at BJ's but any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    We get these individual packets (box of ten) of lemonade, Hawaiian punch, and others from wal-mart, Kroger, and even the Dollar general store. The Dollar general stuff was a little bland, but was the cheapest. You can usually get a box for about $2.50 or less. My daughter likes the crystal light and the welches the best.


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      Here are a few drink mixes I found, though I am not sure if the prices are that great or not..

      Hope these help! :)


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        Wal Mart has thier version of Kool Aid for .10 per pack , it makes two quarts ,but you do have to add sugar . I like it better than the real Kool Aid
        Every Day , Is A Bonus.


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          Sqwincher, Quick-Stik, sugarfree, electrolyte replacment drink mix. $.39eh in quanities of 50 packets. Also a hot drink mix below that.

          Scroll down bout 3/4 of the page.

          Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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            Thanks everyone. I'll check these ideas out. You're the best. Whatever I choose, it's going to cost . 4 servings per day x 365 = a lot of drink mix.


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              Went to BJ's and found sweet tea mix that will make 35 quarts for about $2.50 and lemonade for $6.50 . Thanks to everyone again.