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  • canning jar dressing

    I haven't gone to Dollar Tree myself to confirm, but this is from a pretty trusted source:

    If you have a DOLLAR TREE store near you, they have a heck-of-a-good Italian dressing
    that comes packaged in 16 oz canning jars. Everything in a Dollar Tree is one dollar. So,
    you get a very good Italian dressing (and I'm picky about that dressing) PLUS a FREE
    canning jar. (They also have a ranch dressing packed the same way. I don't like ranch.)
    The brand is Traditional Brands from Naturally Fresh. I bought 2 dozen of 'em for my food
    storage ... and to beef up my canning jar stock. This is a fantastic bargain!
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    Thanks, will check it out. I buy Treat and their canned stew beef there.


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      I'll have to check and see if we have one around here. Sounds like a great deal!