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Flooded spring garden

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  • Flooded spring garden

    Unseasonable rains in northeast Texas wreaked havoc on my garden at my hunting lease. Saved enough potatoes for fall seed before they rotted. 16 inches of rain in 22 hours after I planted corn, green beans, watermelon and cantaloupes. Random hodge-podge germination, washed away. Purple hull & cream peas looked like a loss 3 weeks ago, this weekend they were lush, knee high and blooming. Have 16 50 foot rows. Planted 15 100 ft rows 3 weeks ago. Got good stand 6-8" tall now. May have use for Taylor pea sheller with 12 inch rollers I found on Craigs List. Hope enough nieces and nephews can be conned to come to the country to help pick. Shelled, blanched for 4 minutes, vacuum packed and frozen the day picked and the last bag will taste as garden fresh as the day picked. Planted 3 hills of Big Max pumpkins in septic drainage. Everything else grows 4 times as tall as adjacent, so maybe I can get 500LB pumpkin for a spoof. Not a pie pumpkin, but my landlord is school teacher and the kids should get a kick out of it. Haven't trapped any hogs for awhile, need to get back at it. Population explosion has them tearing up my yard, but my 2 wire electric fence (6" & 12")off ground is keeping them and raccoons out of my garden. Need to take a week up there and thin the hogs out, not enough time on weekend with tending garden, mowing, and misc. maintenance.

    PS: Used composted chicken manure in furrows and planted seeds directly on it and covered. Seems to be working great. Organic, stays in place, and doesn't leach out in 3-4 weeks, eliminating need for side dressing later. Be sure if you are using fresh gathered manure to compost thoroughly before putting in garden.
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    So sorry about all the rain drowning your garden. We have had lots of rain in central NC. Should be getting tomatoes by now, they're on the vine but not enough sun to ripen them. Summers like this is why my parents always told me to can enough for two seasons. Hope things improve. Love those peas.


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      We lost all of our corn this past weekend due to 60 mph winds, rain and hail.


      There are a few things we have to replant, but should do okay as our growing season is fairly long.

      Sorry to hear about your loss as well, Maddog!


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        All the unseasonably wet and cool weather has turned to what looks to be extended heatwave and no rain overnight. Sounds like we have had unusual weather all across the south. I have the same philosophy as my 85 year old Mom (still gardening) : Take what the good Lord leaves you and move forward. Hopefully late summer planting will have more favorable conditions. Best luck to all.
        If at first, you don't succeed, suck harder.