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    I've been worried because I don't have much planted this year and what I do have, I want to practice collecting seeds from.

    Daughter reminded me yesterday about Apple Annie's. My Grandmother had a pick-your-own place she'd frequent, up in Montana. She couldn't grow enough cucumbers for all the garlic dill pickles she'd put up, so would go to a place like this. I used to be one of her largest consumers of those dill pickles, so she had me go along to help pick. :p

    Annie's is about an hour away from us, I can see several visits in my future! They have an amazing array of produce to pick.

    You may have a similar place close to you.
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    I wish, the nearest thing to that is to far away for us, and now the gas is going up... I'll keep my eye open maybe someone will start one. If I had gotten to make my garden as big as I wanted to, I would.
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      Around here, the pick your own places are more like tourist traps and the prices are much more than you can go to the grocer and buy them! :eek:


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        I survived on places like this when I lived in CA. I traveled from farm to farm picked ate and picked some more. Lived in my car and a tent. But this was in the late 70's and early 80's when you could do that. Okay, I'm
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