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    I thought I'd throw out the question...what should I do to protect against this pest? :shock:

    He has been showing up at supper time for a week or so. Hope the picturee link works! Hubby even peppered his bum with the shot gun, but he was back the next night. Cheeky bugger, it was only 5 p.m.. :mad:

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    Looks like a nice coat to me. Am I a "Bad Man?"
    "And with a collection of minds and talent, they survived"


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      nope, not at all! I'm starting to have those thoughts myself.:D Unfortunetely, getting the coat involves guts and stuff...not my thing if I can avoid it!


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        Wow HP, that would make a huge pot of bear stew!


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          We could can it!
          "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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            Bears are are a pain in the butt. I have taken down all of our bird feeders this time of year other wise the bears will pull them down:mad:. I know out west they will use air horns or shot gun blanks with paintball guns ( noise and pain ) :Dto run bears off but they do back it up with a high power rifle if the bear charges.:eek: If that does not work and the bear keeps coming back than call fish & game Dept. because the bear will either have to be traped or killed. MMMM bear roast