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Raised beds for cold weather planting.

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  • Raised beds for cold weather planting.

    I don't know if this will work, but I'm gonna try it. I'm going to build a box, 4'x4'x4', and then mow my yard, bag the clippings and put into black garbage bag for a few days, let it build up heat and then dump into box and cover with dirt. Then plant a few things then cover with plastic. I'm thinking the heat from the grass will keep it warm enough to grow shtuff. So what do you think? Am I off my rocker or do you think it will work. I will try this later in the year.
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    It will work. Don't let the composted clippings get TOO hot, and you should be able do grow lots of things. I think you could probably do it without the clippings at this time of the year. the plastic should be enough.


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      I was thinking on doing this around late fall. Do you think this would work during this time. I live in KCMO, not as cold up north and not as much snow. Coldest I've seen is -10*, and that didn't last long.
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        If you aren't doing it now, and will be doing it in the fall, then I wouldn't even worry about adding the clippings for warmth (compost, yes, warmth no)...I would bank the clippings up around the outside of the bed. I would also consider looking for a couple of glass windows to attach to the top of the bed. That way, you certainly have protection from the eliments, making it more of a cold frame. Some people put bales of hay over the top of the cold frame at night during the cold season. You should be able to extend your season with the cold frame by at least a couple of months. Even up here (in the frozen tundra zone- lol) my uncle used to have a couple of cold frames that he used to have colder veg in to extend the garden into early winter and to start seedlings a month or so early.


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          Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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