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  • Earley planting

    I have a question about early planting, I started my seeds way too early and have tomato plants 3-4 ft tall in buckets in my greenhouse and my squach and zucinni are blooming. will they be stunted when I transplant them out next week? I have transplanted a dozen or so tomato plants allready because they were growing so fast and they were doing to die in their little pots so I took a chance and they made it so far. I do plan on starting some more seed trays this weekend to have a later summer crop.

    Thanks for any help and advice, I am in the up state of SC AND I will not have access to my computer until monday, so dont get up set if I don't respond right back. I do thank you for the help

    My taters, onions, garlic are doing great, I am really enjoying growing my own.
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    If you are now in a frost free time, there shouldn't be a problem. If they are 4' tall, then geez, lol stunting won't hurt them even if they did stop growing for a little while. They sound healthy and should be fine.
    IF you have a cold snap and the temp goes down to near freezing, then at that size, you can throw a cloth over them and protect them for the night.:)


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      You can lay black plastic down on the ground where you plan to plant your tomatoes They love heat the hotter the better just as long as they get water.I take and cut all the branches off except foer last 4 or 5 inches and burry the plant in a trench 3 or 4 inches deep It is called trench planting:) It puts the roots at a depth where the soil will warm quickly I use a black landscape fabric that allows water to pass threw it. You can also plant the cut off branches ,stick the cut end in some root tone and stick them in the ground and they will produce.
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        Thanks guys, I had a friend who knows IT ALL who was telling me to toss the plants because I let them bloom in the greenhouse that whey will not produce fruit.. I planted some of them out this weekend in three different locations so we will see what happens.