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Proper Storage of Water

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  • Proper Storage of Water

    When I was in the Marines we would just take 5 gallon water cans to the field with us in bulk. They would sit around in the sun for days and we never thought twice about drinking the water. As I am storing/preparing at my house what do I need to be concerned about with water safety. I have 4 7 gallon food grade water jugs from camping trips. Can I just fill them up and store them in the basement long term? Or after a certain amount of time will I need to rotate it out or filter it? Should I just buy a pallet of bottled water? I could just use a little advice on this issue.

    (FYI) all i have in the way of filtration is a camping/backpacking filtration pump...
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    Good question. I am waiting for the answers too.


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      We have a good post as far as the specifics in the "water and food" section. SC Militia, typed out a good quick reference for us. So many drops of chlorine pr 5 gallon, gallon ect. PF
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