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    Just wondered how everyone's garden was doing. We continue to have a few days of warm weather but then it turns cold, calling for freezing temps here this week, I guess this is spring. Our peas , onions and carrots are doing well and there are blooms on the apple, peach and cherry trees.

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    We have 6 rows of corn, 4 beefsteak and 4 cherry tomato, tons of cucumber and we're trying peach and avocado seeds. Had the peach seeds in the fridge for the "cold snap" we heard they needed. Too late for lettuce here in the desert"ish", and havent found strawberry seeds yet. Onions, now there's a good idea. Tried carrots last year... for some reason they tasted terrible. Have a ton of Grapefruit though...


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      not warm enough yet to get anything in the ground, but I'm anxiously awaiting! I did a whole lot of tilling today, I'm aching, and hope the weather will cooperate soon.
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