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Product review DRANK

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  • Product review DRANK

    I came across this product a couple weeks back. Been hooked since. It is the complete opposite of an energy drink. It slooows you down and relaxes the mind. A can a hour before bed, and I sleep like a baby. Can't really pin point the flavor, but it is citrusy plus something. I encourage you all to give it a try. After a long stressful day of watching the world crumble, this sure does put the mind at easy, temporarily. Runs around $4 a can in stores here, but I order from their site. Not cheap, but I feel its worth it.

    Nothing to harmful in it, just some good herbs.

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    never heard of it.

    I think a nice hot cup of herbal tea is relaxing at night.
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      LOL ahh Melatonin usually puts people sound asleep. The stuff is great for those that work nights that have a hard time sleeping during the day. It is thought that sunset triggers the brain to produce more melatonin so you tend to be sleepier at night. Those that work nights see more daylight hours and have hard time sleeping during those hours. Try working and living in a place where you are limited on sunlight or night. Think about the people that live in the Arctic and antarctic.