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Have you noticed empty seed displays?

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  • Have you noticed empty seed displays?

    Yesterday, we went to Walmart and noticed the Burpee seed display had a lot of empty spots. There was also a few people putting some seeds packages in their carts. I put a bag of bird seed in the cart and saw different people buying seeds. My next stop was dog food. Again, we saw different people putting packages of seeds in their carts.

    At Home Depot, a lot of people were buying tomatoes and other started vegetable plants. It was the same at stores that sold vegetable plants.

    During WWII because there was a shortage of farmers, people planted Victory gardens. It appears people are planting vegetables; perhaps, Inflation or Shortage gardens would be an appropriate choice of names.

    Has anyone else noticed the same???

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    I got a couple of the seed bank packs of heirloom seeds. I keep extra packs that come in the mylar sealed bags JIC, along with my diy ones .


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      I learned a trick from a 56 y/o who with his older brother spent their whole lives farming. To make ends meet, the father and grandfather made "shine." He puts seeds in the freezer. Seeds lay dormant all winter and sprout in Spring. It's nature's way.

      Some seed packages come with way, way more seeds than I'll ever use in a season. I've been planting the same seeds for a few years now. A good thing about Georgia is I can easily get 2 crops a year here.

      My next project before next winter will be build a couple of raised beds for winter vegetables.
      I thought about building these: However, I'm doubtful they could handle the wind up here.