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Has Anyone Had Success Storing Peanut Butter and/or Butter Powder in Mylar?

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  • Has Anyone Had Success Storing Peanut Butter and/or Butter Powder in Mylar?

    I've searched the forums for information on storing peanut butter powder and butter powder in Mylar bags, however, I found only one post that gave zero details. Has anyone had success with this? If so, can you tell me what size bags you used? Did you use desiccant and if so, how much? Did you use OA's and if so, how much? I realize that this probably won't last past 5 years even if stored properly, but finding anything on the internet seems impossible. It's almost like folks don't post about it because it doesn't work??
    If you've had (hopefully great) success with this, can you please share?? Thank you!

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    Peanut butter has oil in it. You cannot store it like the powder which has NO liquid! Keep the peanut butter in the jar it came in. Use it within the guide lines the manufacturer establish.


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      I get several jars a month free, and just throw them into one the chest type freezers. They gradually work their way down to the bottom. I rarely ever eat peanut butter, but figure it will be better then eating old leather boots and tree bark.

      And "WELCOME" to this forum, from, The Great State of Alaska.
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        Welcome to the forums and the group.

        As Sourdough stated grocery store PB can be frozen.

        As the OP asked about powdered peanut butter, its self life is between 5 and 20 years when stored in a cool, dry location. When buying in bulk either #10 cans and resealable buckets are available.
        Once opened powdered PB lasts about a year. Personally, I'd prefer the #10 cans as I wouldn't trust the "resealable" buckets. Once opened either packaging method is good for about a year.
        There are recipes for peanut butter soup.

        Lrs52200, for a first post that was an excellent post.