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Freeze drying Vs. Dehydrating Vs. Traditional canning

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  • Freeze drying Vs. Dehydrating Vs. Traditional canning

    As I transition to a new place, I'm trying to figure out what my long term food "staples" will be. Fresh meat and gardens will get a person a long way, we plan on relying on that kind of resource. It's good to have a backup plan, of course. I've had experience with canning and dehydrating. They are great methods to preserve food. However, one of the few things I'm looking at is a HarvestRight freeze Dryer. If you spend a few minutes looking at YouTube videos, you'll get blown away. Most of the food processed has a 20+ year shelf life.

    Most of your emergency supply foods are freeze dried and cost an arm and a leg. Now, the freeze dryer aint cheap either, however, in the long run it looks like it pays for itself.

    Anyone have a unit like this? or experience?

    Love to hear from ya!

    Freeze dry food with a Harvest Right freeze dryer. Freeze dried food is the best emergency food storage. Purchase a freeze dryer to preserve food.
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    I've used one but unfortunately can't afford one. They are AWESOME!!! If water isn't an issue, I prefer freeze dried to dehydrated or canned. I't easy to make entire meals with one. We did our meat, then vegetables of different varieties and could mix up a variety of soups, stews and stir fries by just altering the spices and additives. Even easier was just Freeze drying our left overs and packaging them as meals. The were great for camping and hunting.

    If Harvest Right would care to loan me a unit I will continue to sing there praises.

    Seriously, they are very nice.