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Creating a Seed Bank

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  • Creating a Seed Bank

    Our current project we're researching and currently starting is a seed bank. Based on the history of the Great Depression which lasted ten years, our goal is a 15 year supply. Being rural, it's not a problem to purchase in bulk (beans, legumes, corn, squash, turnips, cabbage, herbs, etc). All will be vacuum packed in Mason jars (gallon and half gallon sizes) then stored in darkness and kept cool. As we see it, freezing is out (more so since we're off grid, and the current draw of a freezer would wipe out far too many batteries).

    So the question, any one else creating seed banks?

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    I have one that’s about 16 years old. I recently planted tomatoes and peppers from it. Tomatoes were still very viable. The peppers struggled. Most seeds didn’t take and the ones that did made weak plants.

    I am starting to rotate out old seeds.
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