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Coronavirus & Starting veggies (indoors, for now)

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  • Coronavirus & Starting veggies (indoors, for now)

    There is a Laurie Garrett article from 3/18 saying that wherever you're at NOW, that's where you'll be for the next 8 mo.s
    I know people will disagree and so on, but she's talking about the general public who don't have bug-out plans and locations and so on.

    So in her version of things (for that version of her readers), she gives ideas about how to deal with being in the same place, with the same people. She focuses on how to keep one person from spreading the virus to others in that house/apt. and how to deal with sharing public areas of apt. buildings and so on.

    All good stuff--some of what she was saying there I hadn't seen in other article, by her or others.

    But it was the 8 months of time that she mentions as how long we might be in our current locations, that caught my attention.

    We've got some frozen and such veggies, but seems like a good idea--as a way to provide food especially, but also as a way to be productive and keep occupied--to start growning some plants for food.

    We'll probably grow was we like to eat. Maybe with a little more emphasis on things that can come in soon--leafy green items, etc.

    But what crops do you guys like for this particular scenario? It won't be warm enough here to put them in the ground 'til mid-May (and even then we can get a late frost here). So I'm planning on starting seeds inside at this point.

    Anyone got a favorite version of how to make tiny pots for planting those seeds? I've seen things online that are basically DIY molded newspaper. But do dixie cups work? Or is there a commercial version that's has all the bugs worked out?

    In the past I've started seeds and they wilted/died because of not being 'hardy' when I moved them outside. I've seen that having a fan blow on them can help toughen them up. What else helps them to do well? Got any tips/ideas for avoiding common mistakes?

    Thanks for any ideas on this.
    Politicians won’t admit it yet, but it’s time to prepare—physically and psychologically—for a sudden stop to all life outside your home.
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  • #2 Heres a simple way to start.


    • #3 Heres a simple way to start.
      I like her style--and the level of know-how she's aiming at, too. Thanks!
      Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.