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Very Long-term food storage without metallic containers...

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  • ZAGran
    I suggest you investigate resins and various plant laminates for containers as well as construction for ship. Some possibilities are bamboo - wood - fiberglass - as well as some more exotic laminates such as sea shells.

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  • Very Long-term food storage without metallic containers...

    Are there any food-stuffs which will be good for several decades with totally non-metallic container / packing ??

    So, no metal cans, screw lids, clamps or bottle tops.

    Not even the multi-layer foil in eg MREs...

    Storage not above 'fridge' temperature, may go cooler at times unto '40 Below'.

    Irradiated acceptable.

    I'm working on a sci-fi notion akin to Cordwainer Smith's 'Game of Rat & Dragon'. Copyright lapsed, so free to read.

    My simpler take is that, out beyond the heliopause, there are 'Dark Matter' entities implacably hostile to life 'as we know it'. Space is Einsteinian, no warp-drives allowed. Worse, 'Dark Dragons' are drawn to moving metal, even the least traces. NASA's Voyager 1+2 and that 'Pioneer' probe haven't been noticed yet.

    All alien Star-ships are purely biological, 'grown', use what we'd call Telekinesis to travel. Think 'ET' movie, but the ship is alive. Several different varieties, due different origins, but BIG. Must be ~100 km across to hold enough 'fat' to sustain decades-long journey. Passengers hibernate. Technically, most are 'ingested to vacuoles and intubated'-- Don't ask...

    Arrangement is that planetary civilisations leave a kilotonne 'goodies bag' of sorted minerals & metals at L4 Lagrangian point approximately 60° ahead of the main body. Think truck-stop. A star-ship pulls in there, takes in raw materials, grows some hi-tech for comms & IT. Then trades with locals for eg asteroid dirt & water to re-grow spent 'fat' stores. Before leaving, 'excretes' those metals it borrowed, ready for the next visitor...

    So, in mid-2024, having had a very bad 'Dark Dragon' encounter, one such mega-ship urgently goes off-route, pulls into Sol System, which 'Galactic Gazetteer' claims is pre-industrial. No 'goodies bag' at L4 point, so sends out gleaner craft to asteroid belt and Jupiter's outer moonlets. Collects minerals & metals, grows essential tech. Very, very surprised to detect brisk 'Hydrogen Line' signals, a swarm of small spacecraft...

    'First Contact' ensues. There are strict limits on 'downward' tech transfer, so no magic solutions to super-conductivity, fusion, AI etc etc. Ship trades that innocently gleaned asteroidal stuff plus the rules of Chess & Go etc, lots of Mozart etc, a zillion places of Pi, e, Phi etc etc for a 'Heads Up' about 'Dark Dragons', some hints on superconductivity etc and a heavily redacted local chapter of 'Galactic Gazetteer'.

    That still leaves a hefty trade surplus in our favour. Studying the 'Gazetteer', seems a *known* sub-neptunian planet, tauCeti 'f', has a potentially habitable mega-moon. About mid-way between Mars and Earth, face-locked, it had been partly terraformed before the project was abandoned. Tolerable Denver-thick Nitro-oxy atmosphere, some seas, polar caps etc. Latest biome apparently gleaned from Earth circa 100 k-years BP.

    Yeah, right...

    Why abandoned ? Well, terraforming takes so long and the responsible culture lost interest, project lost funding. FWIW, they're unlike us, are in a different chapter, and please stay off their lawn...

    Given tau Ceti 'f2' has been fallow for millennia, it may now be claimed by Terran settlers.

    So, a settlement team is put together. They cannot take any metal equipment or metal-containing devices, but minerals are acceptable to boot-strap initial neolithic tech. There'll be fifty in first group woken, who'll explore, break ground. About a year later, just before the ship leaves tauCeti, remaining 200 will be decanted, with a lot more stores, full library etc etc. As the journey will take ~ 25 years, they're collectively tagged the 'Forty-Niners', but it's that first group who proudly carry the label...

    ( Also, given ~ 2% risk of 'miscarriage', tag began as a grim quip, sorta grew...)
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